We partner with ambitious companies and accelerate success with a vast portfolio of industry winners!

Time is of the essence!

Our team at Optimal Results will work with you on your vision with urgency, utilizing many decades of experience and relationships to fast track your success!

We Will Optimize Your Business

Positioning Statement

Using our market resources, we will evaluate the competitive environment and help develop brand positioning, and intellectual property. 


Clear path understandings the right conduit to your customer from FDM, Amazon, DR, Export or specialty retail.


We circle the globe for the best ingredients for quality, efficacy,  pricing with supply agreements giving you a competitive advantage.


Your brand is only as good as your manufacturer! We have O.R. approved partners for powders, liquids, bars, packaging understanding you volumes and geographical needs.


We guide you to own your formulas from approved ingredients to owning your flavor systems working with the worlds best. 

Risk management 

With success comes the litigation and we highly recommend legal review on your labels and collateral materials, proper manufacturer agreements in place.

Excellence in Brand Building & Improvement


We prospect on your behalf. Your team benefits from a consistent flow of qualified opportunities.


Our professional Business Developers work as part of your team to identify opportunities and find solutions.


Optimal Results is your way to discover new markets. Based on the customer feedback we collect, we help you succeed in your new or remote markets.


We identify potential partners and help you develop a powerful partner network to accelerate your sales growth.